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Yantai Concord High Packaging Technology Co., located in Dingjiakuang Industrial Park,Fushan District,Yantai City,Shandong Province,a beautiful and rich tourist city.The company enjoys a good geographical location with pleasant climate and convenient transportation that is within 20 kilometers from sea transport,land transport,air transport and port.

Founded in 2006,the company is a private enterprise specializing in the production,processing and sales of aluminum products and aluminum composite products.Following the principle of"serving the pharmaceutical industry and caring for people's health",the company sincerely provides excellent products and services for pharmaceutical enterprises.After years of development,the company's production scale has been continuously expanded,and has also put forward higher requirements for quality.The company has established a perfect quality assurance system.Through the review and input of users'requirements,the process of ensuring quality and effective control standards and methods are formulated,including production operation procedures,production systems,quality standards,inspection procedures,etc.,and then through the procurement of qualified raw and auxiliary materials and the acquisition of necessary resources,the production process is monitored and measured,and the products are analyzed and judged.Necessary guarantee measures have been taken for the analysis results to finally realize the products required by customers.Over the years,the company has strictly followed the quality assurance system to standardize the work process,and has continuously summarized experience in practice to improve and perfect the quality assurance system.For raw and auxiliary materials directly related to the quality of the company's products,the company has screened qualified suppliers through full investigation,strict verification and review.The companies where raw and auxiliary materials are purchased shall conduct sampling inspection and issue inspection reports.In the production process,the quality control personnel of each process strictly implement the inspection requirements,judge the quality of semi-finished products and finished products of the process based on the national standards,and mark the unqualified products to ensure that unqualified products are not transferred to the downstream process for packaging,storage and delivery.

After-sales service is provided to timely communicate the product quality problems and quality information reflected by customers,assign personnel to deal with it and feed back to the Quality Department and the competent manager.Besides,special research will be conducted and improvement measures will be formulated as solutions.In the sales process,through feedback from the Sales Department,the Quality Department analyzes the causes and puts forward corrective suggestions.The Technical Department organizes the implementation.The three departments jointly solve and reply to the quality objections reflected by the customers.In the quality analysis meeting held at the end of the month,the Quality Control Department will incorporate the found problems into the corrective and preventive action plan according to the product quality situation this month,so that the problems can be corrected in time and effectively prevented to ensure the stability of product quality.In the future,the company will work hard with users to develop new drug packaging materials,seize the opportunity and work hard to make contributions to the packaging industry,enhance strength for the development of the company,and strive to improve social benefits and economic benefits of the company.

2006 year
Founded in 2006
100 million
Annual production of 100 million twisted aluminum covers
300 million
Annual production of 300 million aluminum-plastic caps
10 million
Annual sales reached 100 million yuan

Shiguan Packaging Technology (Yantai) Co., Ltd.

Shiguan Packaging Technology(Yantai)Co., a scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research,production and sales and specializing in the production of series products such as medical twist-off caps,aluminum-plastic covers and rubber plugs.Founded in 2001,the company is located in Datai,Zangjiazhuang Town,Qixia City,Yantai City,a civilized city in China and the best charming city in China.It is 30km from the city center and Yantai International Airport to the east.On May 28,2019,it was purchased by Yantai Concord High Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd.On November 11,acquired the twist-off caps for oral liquid bottles on the approval document(registration number:B20190001531).

The company with the industry-leading production equipment,is a domestic pharmaceutical packaging integration enterprise and various products of full specifications and high technology contents.The annual production volume of oral liquid bottles for oral liquid bottles reaches 1 billion and 3 billion for aluminum-plastic caps.Economic scale benefits of the company are increasing by 20%every year.Adhering to the tenet of"professionalism and integrity"and sound operation ideas,the company has cooperated with famous domestic pharmaceutical enterprises such as CSPC,Beijing Youcare,Infinitus,Yoroyal,Dong E Ejiao,Apollo Group,Era China and Lee Industries.Some of its products have been exported to many countries and regions such as Russia,South Korea,Hong Kong,Taiwan and Japan.

At present,the company has been certified by the State Food and Drug Administration.The twist-off aluminum caps for oral liquid bottles and twist-off caps can be designed as anti-counterfeit bottle caps according to the product drawings and instructions provided by customers,with complete specifications and excellent quality.

The company's drug packaging material production workshop is designed in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the latest"Management Methods for Direct Contact with Drug Packaging Materials and Containers"issued by the State Food and Drug Administration and GMP standards.The production workshop is equipped with special production equipment for drug packaging materials,and each process is strictly separated.The inspection center is equipped with many advanced inspection equipment to control the product quality at all times,so that the drug packaging products produced by the company fully meet the requirements of national standards.

“Quality first,customer satisfaction,continuous improvement,mutual benefit and win-win”is the foundation of the development of Shiguan Packaging,as well as a commitment to the public!In the 20 years since its establishment,the company has adhered to the strategy of promoting enterprises through science and technology and brand-driving,vigorously promoted the modern enterprise management system,and fully introduced the 5S management system.Its products are sold well in 15 provinces nationwide,with the annual sales reaching 100 million Yuan.

In the future,the company aims at"creating high-quality products and famous enterprises"and strives to build itself into an industry-leading and well-known domestic enterprise by concentrating on development and advancing with the times.


The company has been certified by the State Food and Drug Administration. The twist-off aluminum caps for oral liquid bottles and twist-off caps can be designed as anti-counterfeit bottle caps according to the product drawings and instructions provided by customers, with complete specifications and excellent quality.

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