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Yantai Concord High Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful and rich tourist city-Dingjiakang Industrial Park, Fushan District, Yantai City, Shandong Province. The company's geographical position is superior, the climate is pleasant, and the transportation is convenient. It is within 20 kilometers from the sea, land, air and port.
Established in 2006, is a private enterprise specialized in the production, processing and sales of aluminum products and aluminum composite products. The company abides by the tenet of "facing the pharmaceutical industry and caring for the health of the people" and sincerely provides pharmaceutical companies with excellent products and excellent services. After years of development, our company's production scale continues to expand, and we have put forward higher requirements for quality. The company has established a perfect quality assurance system. Through the review and input of user requirements, formulate processes to ensure quality and effective control criteria and methods, including the production of operating procedures, production systems, quality standards, inspection procedures, etc., and then through the procurement of qualified raw materials and necessary resources To monitor and measure the production process and analyze and determine the product. Implement the necessary assurance measures on the results of the analysis, and finally achieve the product requested by the customer. For many years, the company has strictly regulated the work flow in accordance with the quality assurance system, and has continuously summed up experience in practice to improve and perfect the quality assurance system. For the raw and auxiliary materials directly related to the quality of the company's products, the company has passed full investigation, strict verification and review to select qualified suppliers. The purchased raw and auxiliary materials companies are required to conduct sampling inspection and issue inspection reports. The quality control personnel of each process in the production process strictly implement the requirements of the inspection regulations, determine the quality of the process semi-finished products and finished products based on national standards, and mark the unqualified products to ensure that the unqualified products are not transferred to downstream processes, packaging, and storage , No delivery.
The company's product sales implement follow-up and after-sales service, promptly communicate and dispatch personnel to deal with product quality problems and quality information reflected by customers and send them to the quality department and supervisor manager, conduct special research and formulate improvement measures to solve. In the sales link, through the feedback information of the sales department, the quality department analyzes the reasons, puts forward corrective suggestions, and organizes the implementation of the technical department. The three departments jointly respond to the quality objections reflected by the customers. At the end of the month's quality analysis meeting, the quality control department will incorporate the discovered problems into the corrective and preventive action plan according to the product quality situation that appears this month, so that the problems are corrected and effectively prevented in a timely manner to ensure the stability of product quality. In the future, the company will strive to jointly develop new types of pharmaceutical packaging materials with users, seize opportunities, work hard, contribute to the packaging business, enhance the strength of the company's development, and improve the social benefits and economic benefits of the unit.

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