Aluminum cover for oral solution: cleaning effect of aluminum cover

Release time:

22 Apr,2020

The main purpose of aluminum cover cleaning is to wash off the lubricant added in the production process, because the presence of lubricant may cause pollution to the product and affect the stability of the rubber plug. The aluminum cover is not in direct contact with the drug. Some people think that its cleanliness should not be excessive.

Modern aluminum cover production environment is relatively high, you can directly sterilize without cleaning Because the aluminum cover is easily deformed during the cleaning process. In the process of use, the hospital will also sterilize the parts where the aluminum cover and the rubber plug directly contact the needle. But some people think that it is better to have high requirements and should be cleaned.

The aluminum cover cleaning machine adopts a detachable external rail, which can greatly reduce the equipment footprint; it adopts automatic control, which is convenient to open and close and easy to operate. Second is its advanced control system: the system consists of an industrial-grade touch-type tablet computer, a touch screen full Chinese operating system, a programmable controller (PLC) and an UPS uninterruptible power supply.