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Aluminum-Plastic Cover

There are many varieties of products, complete specifications, and high scientific and technological content. Some products are exported to Russia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and many other countries and regions.


Aluminum-Plastic Cover|Twist-Off Caps


Product Description

Ten thousand grade purification workshop production, high temperature sterilization 121℃, good sealing, no leakage. The pressure resistance of the product is 0.55mpa, with LOGO.Factory direct supply, various specifications, support customization(Medical grade aluminum cap, food grade aluminum cap, bottle cap, plastic cap)Our company has a large number of stock for a long time, the quantity is not limited, general products (rose gold, rose powder, Chinese red, general gold, general silver, general black, general green, milky white, purple white, Yan Ru yu powder) can be delivered at any time, shorten your purchase time.

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