Advantages of aluminum-plastic combination caps for oral liquid bottles

Release time:

09 Nov,2022

In oral liquid packaging, oral liquid bottle caps are an important part of packaging. Aluminum-plastic composite caps are common oral liquid bottle caps. So, what are the advantages of common oral liquid bottle caps?

250ml oral liquid bottle

First of all, the main components of the oral plastic bottle aluminum-plastic combination cap are aluminum alloy and plastic materials, which are processed into medical bottle caps by special processes.

Of course, superior performance is the basis of application in medicine. The oral liquid aluminum-plastic combination cap is thin and easy to open as a medical bottle cap. It is widely used in medical oral liquid. The oral liquid aluminum-plastic combination cap also plays its unique advantages in the sealing of bottled liquids such as antibiotics and infusions. Sex.

Second, the oral liquid aluminum-plastic composite cover has a simple structure, low cost, good sealing, and is more convenient to use. There are many advantages of aluminum-plastic composite caps, such as stable torque, which can reduce the opening time; strong tensile strength and corrosion resistance. These are the reasons why aluminum-plastic composite caps are widely used as medical bottle caps. It can be seen why it is used in medicine. The field is so popular.

Oral liquid bottle aluminum-plastic combination cap, as a common oral liquid packaging bottle cap, will play an important role in the field of veterinary medicine and also lay a good foundation for its future market development.