Advantages of aluminum caps for oral solution bottles

Release time:

25 Oct,2022

At present, oral liquid bottles generally use aluminum caps. Everyone should be familiar with aluminum caps. Today I will introduce the advantages of aluminum caps for oral liquid bottles:

1. The aluminum cap is made of high-quality aluminum, which is hygienic, will not rust, easy to open, no auxiliary tools are needed, and the bottle cap is destructive after opening, which can effectively prevent theft.

2. It has the advantages of good cushioning, shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, etc., and it is non-toxic, non-absorbent, non-dusting, peeling and scaling, increased, and the sealing performance is very good.

3. According to customer requirements, stainless steel pellets can be made with high temperature resistance, boiling water resistance, alcohol resistance, etc., the pattern design can use color printing, embossing, milling.

4. The inner liner of the cap adopts special glue-dropping material and advanced production technology, which makes it have excellent airtightness after sealing the bottle, and the surface of the cap has a larger plane, which makes the printing of various text logo patterns and the cap more beautiful. Make your product more valuable.