What are the advantages of aluminum cover?

Release time:

17 Oct,2022

Aluminum caps are one of the most frequently occurring medical caps. They are widely used in the packaging of antibiotic drugs and oral liquid drugs. Many people do not understand the advantages of aluminum caps as medical caps. Today we Let me give you a brief introduction.

The advantages of aluminum caps are mainly reflected in: strong stability, strong sealing, low cost, strong environmental protection, rich colors, etc. Especially stability and sealing are necessary for medical bottle caps. Aluminum caps can guarantee medicines The drug properties remain stable and will not change due to transportation, storage, etc., and the low cost feature can reduce the cost of drug packaging and reduce the overall price of drugs.

Aluminum caps can be divided into two types: high-gloss surface caps and silk-surfaced caps. The former is treated by a special process. The surface of the cap is as bright as a mirror. Together with the surface hot stamping technology and the combination of screen printing and pad printing, the overall product The effect and anti-counterfeiting level can be significantly improved. The latter is produced through the use of patented technology and special processes, the appearance has a rich velvet texture, and at the same time due to the use of advanced equipment to ensure that the interior is highly clean.